The Science of Sweat.

The Gym1 Structured Workout

Total Workout is 55 mins

Warm-up (5 mins)

  • Muscle activation and get blood flowing.

Instructional Demo (10 mins)

  • Trainers demonstrate all exercises with proper form and cuing.
  • Clients will preform all movements with a light resistance, trainers will instruct and cue during this round before the main workout starts.
  • Starting weight/resistance will be determined by the client and trainer before training begins.

Main Workout (30 mins)

  • Where the science is applied
  • Consists of an infinite variety of exercises using a range of equipment from free weights to Keiser functional training resistance equipment to TRX body suspension.
  • All workouts are pre-designed, including exercises movements, order of movements, number of repetitions and sets, and work to rest time.
  • Each workout focuses on 3-5 functional movements.

Finishers (5 mins)

  • Quick, intense bursts effort (cardio or strength exercises) performed at the end of your regular workout. Designed to elevate your heart rate and burn extra calories during and after each training session.

Stretching/Cool-Down (5 mins)

  • Help you with recovery to get ready for your next workout.
  • Bring your heart rate and blood pressure down in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Stretching will lessen muscle soreness, stiffness and aid in mobility.

The Workout Science

When applied correctly, science has proven that the most effective method of obtaining safe results through exercise consists of precise execution of:

  • Order of exercise movements
  • Tempo of each movement
  • Resistance load
  • Exercise period and rest period
  • Number of sets and reps

The Gym1 Training program has been designed by industry experts.


The Equipment Science

  • Training can only be considered functional if it is done at speed. Keiser has created the technology that allows users to train at speed, for every movement.
  • Consistent resistance at any speed, from slow to explosive.
  • This type of functional training is not possible on conventional training equipment, nor are the results produced.

Tracking and Performance Data

  • Bi-weekly Inbody body composition assessments to track progress (fat percentage/muscle mass/body weight).
  • Live data tracking during workout (heart rate, calories burned, exercise duration), post-workout analysis of in-class results (duration, average effort, calories and time spent in each heart rate zone – shared to your email).

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